DJ Chai

DJ Chai is known for transcending genres. She plays techno to break beats, house to psy-trance, downtempo, mid-tempo, and indie rock all with a flair for the progressive. With her behind the decks you are sure to dance your ass off or at least nod the shit out of your head. Just don't give her the mic, lest the Bad Dogs get yet another "big ups."

Mo Corleone

A chameleon by nature, Mo Corleone is a DJ that defies categorization. On any given weekend you may find her directing the dance floor in a dark warehouse or slammin' club venue, but you're just as likely to catch her in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Hawaiian jungle, or the Black Rock Desert.

Mo loves to exploit the gray area between genres. You'll appreciate her sets if you like electro in your techno, psy in your progressive, or rock in your breakbeats. When she's not bouncing with the energetic renegade crew Want It, Mo chills out with the Bay Area darlings of downtempo, the Ambient Mafia.

DJ Tatar

Tatar started his DJ career in while living in Sacramento, after being raised by mountain lions in the Sierra Nevada mountains. His DJ skills bloomed and flourished after moving to San Francisco and developing a taste for the darker more minimal side of Tech House. Tatar routinely entertains crowds on private jets bound for obscure vacation destinations and once bowled a 300 while cueing a record.